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Huddersfield's Queensgate Market Hall is 40!

Huddersfield's Queensgate Market will be 40 years old on Tuesday 6th April 2010.

This unique market, roofed with 21 freestanding asymmetric hyperbolic paraboloid shells sheltering a modern shopping centre and the world’s largest ceramic sculpture, is now recognised as an architectural wonder.

Its 187 market stalls and 27 market shops have served the town with fresh produce and a wide range of goods ever since. The market remains popular with traders and the public.

The future of market was, from 2003 -2008 threatened by redevelopment plans that could have demolished the building.

The building was listed grade II in 2005. In 2007 Queensgate Market Hall was awarded the highest honour of the Concrete Society, the society’s prestigious Certificate of Excellence for a mature structure.

  • Mayoral tea party, April 6th
    On April 6th Queensgate Market will be having a mayoral tea party - details are to be announced by Kirklees Council.
  • Free tours, April 10th
    Huddersfield Gem is offering free tours of the market hall in support of Kirklees Council's Queensgate birthday party plans.

    Free tours to public areas and parts usually closed to the public are available on Saturday 10 April at 10.00, 12.00 and 14.00. These can be booked by phoning Kate Faiers on 01484 223730 or emailing
  • Press and media tours
    Press and media tours are available in advance on Thursday 1 April and at other times by arrangement.

    Picture and film editors please note. On this day the interior will be free of hanging banners, usually in place, allowing clear views across the interior.

    Please contact us to arrange access. Email


Huddersfield Gem co-founder, architect and senior lecturer at Huddersfield University, Adrian Evans said:
"Queensgate Market was designed and built with confidence using a spectacular combination of architecture, engineering and art. It has served the town well. It has been our own architectural gem.

"It is an exemplar of retail design. It is credit to the designers, builders and engineers that their work was listed after just 35 years and recognised as the very best concrete construction after 37 years. It was an amazing achievement and the first ever Concrete Society award for West Yorkshire.

"At the time of its design, Queensgate Market drew on truly international design creativity, thinking and expertise. Today, 40 years on, it remains a work of international standing and importance.

"It is time that the unique qualities and community value of the building are recognised and due care be given to ensure that it is preserved and developed sensitively.

"All the stakeholders should look for proposals that celebrate and make best use of this unique and beautiful structure. The significance of the listed building includes the internal and external sculptures, the uninterrupted suspended glazing and the fantastic shell roofs.

"Now it is forty, it is time for us to share its delights and potential with others."

Catherine Croft, Director of the Twentieth Century Society said:
"Huddersfield Market is a building of national significance — it is one of the most delightful and inspiring public buildings of its date and a fantastic example of how art and architecture can work in unison. C20 Society was delighted to see it listed and hope that it will continue to combine beauty and utility for decades to come."

Notes for editors
  1. For more information, market hall photos and membership enquires for Huddersfield Gem please contact Christopher Marsden:

Huddersfield Gem aims to study, promote and ensure the future of the Queensgate Market Hall and the Huddersfield Co-operative extension. Gem will work in partnership with other groups and organisations to identify the best options for the buildings and users.
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