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Gwyn Roberts
Gwyn Roberts

Gwynfor Edwards Roberts 1936-2004

Gwyn Roberts was the project architect for the market hall with Seymour Harris and Partners. He was a member of Kenneth Wood's team on the Murrayfield Real Estate Huddersfield project.

Gwyn was born in North Wales, worked with the architects, Byron & Bancroft of Llandudno. After national service he trained at Liverpool and Birmingham (where he met Fritz Steller). Gwyn left Seymour Harris before completion of the Market Hall to join Frank Lancaster at a new Birmingham office.

Inspired by the broadcast of Cathy Come Home in December 1966 he went on to work with housing associations in the West Midlands. He was key to the rebuilding of Handsworth and Aston during the 1970s which swept away some of the Birmingham's poorest housing. He was responsible for rebuilding more than 4,000 homes and was a central figure in the housing association movement.

Gwyn started his own practice, Gwyn Roberts Associates which kick-started the regeneration of Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter with the development of the Argent Centre.

For many years Gwyn was a keen charity worker with the Rotary Club, the Prince's Trust, the Sunshine Fund and the Freemasons.

He was in poor health for many years and died in February 2004 after a long battle with cancer. He was 67. He left a wife Sheila, a son Warren, daughter Alison and six grandchildren.

An obituary appeared in the Birmingham Evening Mail; "Helping build a better city" February 12, 2004.
Queensgate Market ceiling

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Queensgate Market ceiling
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