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Huddersfield Gem says "Tell them about the hypars and the sculptures".

How to comment on the public consultation on the proposed grade 2 listing of Huddersfield's Queensgate Market.

Heritage Minister Andrew Mcintosh invites you to comment on the architectural or historic interest of the Queensgate Market Hall by Friday 26 November 2004.

Send your comments to:
Queensgate Market Hall Consultation,
Elaine Pearce,
Historic Environment Case Manager
Department for Culture, Media and Sport
2-4 Cockspur Street
Lord Mcintosh said "Queensgate Market is a dynamic, imaginative structure combining high quality engineering with architecturally outstanding details. The most remarkable feature of this innovative building is its striking roof."

In the opinion of English Heritage the Queensgate Market is the best surviving example of a retail market from the 1960's and 70's , a key exemplar of a building type that is currently under particular threat. Its imaginative structure combines light-weight concrete technology with innovations in patent glazing to produce a dramatic space full of natural lighting. The striking roof structure is made of 21 deliberately asymmetric hyperbolic paraboloid shells, each supported by a single free-standing column of differing heights. The exterior of the building makes aesthetically pleasing use of natural stone with exposed concrete and nine relief panels all individually sculpted by the artist Fritz Steller.

When assessing a building for listing, the only factor which the statutory advisers and the Secretary of State can take into account is whether it possesses special architectural or historic interest. The structure's state of repair (unless it has harmed the architectural or historic interest), or any planning proposals are not relevant to the assessment of a building's qualification for listing.

Please note that unless you indicate that you wish your comments to be treated as confidential, they may be passed to the owners of the buildings and English Heritage for their response. The DCMS will also in due course make them available for public inspection together with other representations they may receive.

Notes for editors

For further information and pictures please contact Christopher Marsden:
  1. Kirklees Metropolitan Council is considering seven options to redevelop the area around the Huddersfield's 1930's library. Some of these options involve demolishing the Queensgate Market Hall.
  2. The market hall is currently being considered by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport for listing because of historic or architectural interest.
  3. Huddersfield Gem aims include the study, promotion of interest in and ensuring the future of the Queensgate Market Hall building. Gem will work in partnership with other groups and organisations to identify the best options for the building and its users.
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