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Huddersfield Gem welcomes the Twentieth Century Society's recognition of Huddersfield's 1970 Queensgate Market Hall as a modern building under threat.

On Monday 21st June 2004 the Twentieth Century Society will publish a list of very recent buildings it feels are threatened in some way. Up there along with airports, cinemas, the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford and Battersea Power Station is Huddersfield Market Hall, the only building in Yorkshire to make the list.

Huddersfield Gem is a newly formed independent community non-political group that is interested in the ensuring the future of the Queensgate Market Hall.

Gem co-founder and architect, Adrian Evans said "Queensgate Market is a spectacular combination of architecture, engineering and art. It may be the only building based on hyperbolic paraboloids in the country that is not yet listed for architectural importance. Now that the Twentieth Century Society recognises that it is endangered we think people will look afresh at the the market hall, and want it to escape the bulldozer.

"The structure of the hall is based on 21 asymmetric hyperbolic paraboloids (hypar) that form the giant mushrooms of the market hall roof.

"These amazing structures are completely free-standing. They receive no bracing from each other. I don't think concrete hypar shells have been used in this way anywhere else. They are very likely to be unique."

Kirklees Metropolitan Council is considering seven different options to redevelop the area around the Huddersfield's 1930's library. Some of these options involve demolishing the Queensgate Market Hall.

Gem co-founder Christopher Marsden said "Queensgate Market is an exemplar of the aesthetic possibilities, as distinct from structural convenience, of reinforced concrete and Yorkshire stone from Elland Edge.

"The hall's designer, Kenneth Wood of Seymour Harris, took best practice of two of the 20th century's most pioneering architects; Felix Candela and Le Corbusier to form a stunning environment and included some fine sculptures by Fritz Steller. On the Queensgate elevation is the enormous nine panel ceramic 'Articulation In Movement' up to 12 metres tall and on the interior is Steller's 50 metre long steel 'Commerce'."

Huddersfield Gem's aims include the study, promotion and preservation of the Queensgate Market Hall building. Gem will work in partnership with other groups and organisations to identify the best options for the building and its users.

For more information on the Twentieth Century Society please contact:

Cordula Zeidler, Caseworker
Tel: 020 7250 3857
View from Queensgate Road

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