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Line drawing of Queensgate Market

Meet the market makers at Huddersfield's Queensgate Market Hall reunion.

Huddersfield will experience a unique and historic event on Monday 6 September 2004.

Huddersfield's 1970 Queensgate Market Hall is a landmark building that is a spectacular combination of architecture, engineering and art, The hall will be the centre of attention at the reunion of the people who designed and built it.

Amongst those expected at the reunion are:
  • Architect Kenneth Wood, formerly of the J Seymour Harris Partnership, Birmingham
  • from Germany; Sculptor, Fritz Steller, the artist of the interior metal and exterior ceramic sculptures
  • from London; the hall's resident engineer, Colin Prior who supervised the construction of the freestanding asymmetric hyperbolic paraboloids
  • from Yorkshire; glazing designers, Les Ratcliff & Malcolm Dobson formerly of Heywood Williams of Huddersfield
Other market makers are expected. Christopher Marsden of Huddersfield Gem said "We want to hear from anyone who was involved in the market's design and construction they will be very welcome to take part in this very special day for a very special building."

Huddersfield Gem can be emailed at Details of events on the day and updates will be posted on this website.

At 7.00 pm there will be a presentations from the people that designed and built the market hall at: Meet the market makers: the history and future of Queensgate market: a discussion and debate to look at the building's design, features, problems and possibilities.

All are welcome at the Canalside East Lecture Theatre, ground floor of Canalside East Building, University of Huddersfield, Queensgate Campus. It is a free event.

The event is organised by Huddersfield Gem with thanks to the Huddersfield Society of Architects and the School of Architecture, University of Huddersfield

There has been interest in the event from sculptors, architects, engineers, art historians, urban planners and civic societies.

Media interviews and photo calls with the market makers can be arranged to be held during day on Monday 6 September.

Line drawing of Queensgate Market

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||| Press Release 30.08.2004 ||| More happening and more market makers coming to Queensgate Market's big day on September 6th |||


Download a Meet the Market Makers A4 poster [PDF 491kb].

Notes for editors

For further information and pictures please contact Christopher Marsden:
  1. Kirklees Metropolitan Council is considering seven options to redevelop the area around the Huddersfield's 1930's library. Some of these options involve demolishing the Queensgate Market Hall.
  2. The market hall is currently being considered by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport for listing because of historic or architectural interest.
  3. Huddersfield Gem aims include the study, promotion of interest in and ensuring the future of the Queensgate Market Hall building. Gem will work in partnership with other groups and organisations to identify the best options for the building and its users.
Section of ine drawing of Queensgate Market

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Section of ine drawing of Queensgate Market
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