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Huddersfield Gem welcomes the publication of Kirklees Council's Queensgate Revival proposals

At first sight they are an interesting outcome from the background of consultation and listing. Some of the elements are audacious and imaginative.

Huddersfield Gem has been seeking the Queensgate Market Hall's renaissance, Co-operative fašade retention, a Queensgate Bridge and the development of public space. It is very encouraging to see these in the scheme but we need to know more.

The rebuilding of part of the market hall looks particularly challenging where new structures are incorporated into a period design.

Overall we believe the proposals are worthy of close and careful consideration and public debate.

Huddersfield Gem believes that the careful use of heritage architecture can enhance the townscape and allow the scheme to be of the town and not slide into Anywhereville blandness.

We hope that the preservation of all the existing public art and commissioning of more is included.

We urge local people and businesses to visit the exhibition, and take part in the consultation.

Kirklees Council have published the proposals at

Huddersfield Gem aims to study, promote and ensure the future of the Queensgate Market Hall and the Huddersfield Co-operative extension. Gem will work in partnership with other groups and organisations to identify the best options for the buildings and users.
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