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Queensgate Revival - Threat or Solution? - Your chance to find out

Queensgate Market Tenants Association and Huddersfield Gem are holding an evening of presentations and discussion to allow people to learn more about the planning application for major changes to Huddersfield town centre, and the implications for us all, that is currently out for public consultation.

The invitation is open to anyone interested to come to the Queensgate Revival - Threat or Solution? meeting at The Harold Wilson Building, Queensgate, University of Huddersfield at 7.00pm on Thursday 9th October.

There evening includes presentations by the traders, architects who have studied the application and local people who have studied the site and its listed buildings. The Queensgate Revival architects, the council and others have been invited to make presentations. There will be time for questions and discussion.

Huddersfield's much loved 1880 market hall was demolished in 1970 against the public's and tenants' wishes. In 2003 both Huddersfield Library and Queensgate Market were threatened with demolition. The listing of both buildings in 2005 has led to new proposals that would empty the library and demolish much of the market hall with the market being re-sited on a smaller floor. Other changes would lead to the redevelopment of much of the South East quarter of the town centre including Princess Street, the Co-op building and affecting the Town Hall and St Paul's Hall.

Granville Pearson, Chair of the Queensgate Market Tenants Association said, "The current market hall needs development to keep it as a modern shopping environment. We are concerned that what is being proposed is going to make matters worse. This is a chance for people to look at the issues without hype and spin.

"We have only until 13 October to put our views to the planners and I encourage the people of Huddersfield to look at this closely and have their say."

Christopher Marsden of Huddersfield Gem said, "The great public buildings of Huddersfield are at risk here. English Heritage recognises potential threats to the town centre include; the extent of the proposed changes to the grade II market hall which involves the loss of original fabric and subdivision of the space; an empty library and art gallery building and poor quality architecture that lacks local distinctiveness. These issues need to be discussed in the open, we hope people will join in the debate."

Notes for editors
  1. Photograph
    A photo opportunity with market trader and Huddersfield Gemrepresentatives and the massive planning application can be arranged at shortnotice. Please call 07876 377588.
  2. QueensgateMarket Tenants Association
    For further comment by The Queensgate Market Tenants Association please contact Granville Pearson on 01484 842512 or email
  3. The Queensgate Revival planning application (2008/91902) can be found at
    Public consultation ends on 13 October 2008.

Huddersfield Gem aims to study, promote and ensure the future of the Queensgate Market Hall and the Huddersfield Co-operative extension. Gem will work in partnership with other groups and organisations to identify the best options for the buildings and users.
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