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abyssal plain

First published in July 1999 in RearGuard Action.
Copy sent to Mr. Heston at the N.R.A. headquarters in September 2000.

Dear Mr. Heston and Members.

We would like to congratulate you and the Association you represent on your stalwart and forthright approach to promoting birth control in the U.S.A. through encouraging free and easy access to deadly weapons.

We especially admire your concerted and whole hearted efforts to keep on the open market fully automatic weapons and handguns. These of course, as past and recent events have so effectively proven, are the most suitable for instituting programmes of mass population control. (A handgun, for example, fitting so easily into a young child's hand.)

Some would suggest that these random acts of violence that your Association and its members advocate and promote are, as a method of reducing excess population, extreme. We however applaud your liberal attitude to weapons use and abuse and find it so in keeping with the American way of life. However much unsuited they may be to our Western European traditions. This programme (we suspect, and to be candid are sure you have researched) has wider implications than mere birth control. It can be seen as evolution in action. Let us paint you a picture of the possible outcomes of your Association's strategies.

For as those in your country, inflamed on a diet of junk food and Hollywood portrayals of consequence-free killing, go off on culling sprees they will take "take out" those unwilling or unable to carry and use guns. This will thus genetically promote and reinforce what is known as the "Bone-head" or "Red-neck" element in your culture.

Soon this gene will predominate as education standards decline (As they steadily have over the past 40 years in America). So these "Bone-head killings" will increase. Soon only "Bone-heads" will remain. They will have become so inured and habituated to the action of killing, they will then turn on each other until none remain.

The cities will empty. Only skeletons clutching pieces of rotting metal and surrounded by cartridge cases will remain to lie amongst the debris, a testament to what could have become a great nation.

In time the bison will return to the Plains as the first people of America will again take possession of the land that belongs to them and that they belong to.

As you are aware this is only a projection, a possibility of a future. But with your Association's work going so well, lobbying Congress and buying support from all directions and corners through the political process, you are helping to make a dream come true not just for Native American Peoples but for a great number of peoples this side of the water as well.

As the current figures stand (approx. 40 thousand deaths each year from handguns alone) we cannot see how you can fail in your mission for self determination.

We salute your right to bear arms no matter how stupidly those who bear them choose to behave in taking away the liberty of others through the use of them.

We wish you all the good luck for your future endeavours.

Sincere best wishes,

Abyssal Plain
On behalf of the United Synod for American Activity Promotions

P.S. I thought you were really good in "The Ten Commandments" as Moses.

Image taken from www.subvertise.org

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