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this space has been inactive for some time. this space is reactivated. calling all reactive agents. get on board. drink freely. here we are again. interested? give freely. supply and demand publication. and spread the word.

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||| Christopher R Marsden ||| History of Queensgate Market |||
||| Huddersfield Gem ||| Press release 29.03.2010. Huddersfield's Queensgate Market Hall is 40! |||
||| Alice Becker-Ho ||| The Game of Chess |||
||| Huddersfield Gem ||| Press release 03.02.2009. Huddersfield Market is Building of the Month |||
||| D. Konstrukt ||| John Richards @ GEMdays, Huddersfield, 28/01/2009 |||
||| Balilla Pratella ||| Manifesto of Futurist Musicians |||
||| Anselm Jappe ||| Whose fault is it? |||
||| Association of Autonomous Astronauts ||| Who owns outer space? |||
||| Guy Debord ||| On Wild Architecture |||
||| John McHale ||| Observations on the English translation of Guy Debord's Oeuvres Cinématographiques Complètes |||

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Huddersfield Gem
||| Huddersfield Gem |||

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the spectacular has become monocular. a narrow band of so-called entertainment pushes its way through the eye of a needle and expects us to accept global monoculture. one culture for all. one culture to bind us. one culture to blind us to lived experience.
we resist its baneful bronze eye. we replace monoculture with palimpsest and revel in its wild, untamed diversity. in place of sameness and seperation we assert difference and participation. where there are walls we desire spaces. and where there are spaces we desire access. and when we have access we can begin to play.
above all, we desire pleasure. and to the monoculture that seeks to commodify all that we desire, we respond that its leisure is not our pleasure.
this shit is.

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419 ||| 419 |||
Scams and scambaits.
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Egon Nilson Esq


I am Barrister Egon Nilson Esq , a solicitor & Advocate. Iam the personal attorney to Mr. Michael Walkington, an American Nationale , who used to work with African Petroleum Company here in Nigeria.

Architexts ||| Architexts |||
Spaces, places and urban traces.
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on wild architecture
Guy Debord

It is known that initially the situationists wanted at the very least to build cities, the environment suitable to the unlimited deployment of new passions. But of course this was not easy and so we found ourselves forced to do much more.

Avant Gardening ||| Avant Gardening |||
Taking a rake to the discarded leaves of contemporary culture.
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the game of chess
Alice Becker-Ho

"The ideal of noble contest is particularly evident in a society where a military nobility with moderate landed property obeys a monarch regarded as divine or sacred, and where the central duty of life is loyalty to your lord. Only in such a feudally constructed society, in which no free man is required to work, can chivalry flourish and with it the tournament... "

Huddersfield Gem ||| Huddersfield Gem |||
A community group brought together to study, promote and ensure the future of the Queensgate Market Hall building.
Huddersfield's Queensgate Market Hall may be threatened with demolition. The Huddersfield Gem site gathers together press releases and updates on the campaign to save it, as well as build up a library of information about the hall and its creators, supported by a gallery of photographs of this remarkable building.

Monocular Times is hosting the website on behalf of Huddersfield Gem.

monomusic ||| Monomusic |||
From futurism to indie, via improv, gabba, onkyo, trash and other tangents...
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john richards @ GEMdays, huddersfield, 28/01/2009
D. Konstrukt

The opening night sees electroacoustic artist John Richards take to the stage, a space filled with DIY electronics, wires, candles, a meat grinder, silver wig, mysteriously modified baked bean tins and other paraphernalia. The set up looks great. John pads quietly under a big screen and onto the stage.

Politricks ||| Politricks |||
Protest writings, critiques, calls to action and other alternatives.
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whose fault is it?
Anselm Jappe

This time, all the commentators agree : the financial markets are not experiencing just a bit of transient turbulence. We really are in a crisis which is likely to prove the worst since World War II, or even 1929. But whose fault is it, and how do we find a way out ?

under the counter culture ||| [under the] Counter Culture |||
Counterculture manifestos, wild conspiracies, untutored revelations and other under the counter trickery.
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who owns outer space?
Association of Autonomous Astronauts

It is a truism that in current society you can have anything you want, as long as you can afford to pay the price. Everything is one big shop window on planet earth, and for those of us tired of shopping, withdrawal often seems like the best solution. But increasingly, even the avenues of escape are being auctioned off to the highest bidders.
One Eye To The Future

who ||| what ||| why ||| where
is the Organism?

||| who |||
Organism is a loose collective of concrete personalities, pseudonyms, shared names, hidden talents and fluctuating identities.
personnel include GTM, johnny ostrich, d.konstrukt, RTM, harry gannett, graeme murrell.
you may be invited to join.

||| what |||
Monocular Times is an expressive space for the Organism to pursue its explorations.
recognising that space is plastic and therefore mutable, the Organism seeks to influence, manipulate, restructure and rethink.

||| why |||
situationism, futurism, dadaism, neoism, fluxus, postmodernism, posthumanism... andmoreagain.
extension of the Organism into new space, exploration of virtual prosthesis, reclamation of digital commons, playtime.

||| where |||
physical location is the north of England.
virtual others are code clusters, inhabit spaces and data bodies, digital (super?)highways and shopping malls.
under constant surveillance.
it is impossible to comprehend the full extent of yr self beyond yr flesh.
you are not in control anymore.

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Infinity Eye
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