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The Leeds-Dortmund Project
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Psychogeographical mapping of coincidence in Leeds and Dortmund. Drifting through superimposed narratives of two cities at once. The Leeds-Dortmund Project

||| Superimposed City Tours exhibition at the Royal Armouries |||

The Leeds-Dortmund Project was exhibited at the Royal Armouries throughout November 2003. Details about the exhibition are on the Royal Armouries website, linked to below.

||| Superimposed City Tours: Walks round Leeds |||

I conducted a guided drift around six nodes of the superimposition Leeds-Dortmund. Content about Leeds and Dortmund, including Quicktime 360 degree superimpositions at each node, was viewed on a laptop. You can read the press release. Thanks to everybody who turned up, particularly those who shared interesting snippets of information during and after the walk.

||| psychogeographical mapping of coincidence in leeds and dortmund: introduction |||

||| drifting round dortmund: a brief report on my visit, 10-13 nov 2002 |||

||| an experiment in urban walking: leeds walk, 8 dec 2002 |||

Goebbels & the Black Prince

||| archive |||

Collects the pieces linked to above, plus my original statement of intent to pursue a superimposed cities project.
||| psychogeography |||

Growing repository of pieces about psychogeography, that relate in some way to the concepts being explored by the Superimposed Cities project.
||| research: dortmund |||

Collected fragments of my initial research into Dortmund. As the project has progressed, I've had less time to add content, so its kind of frozen at late October.
||| research: leeds |||

Collected fragments of my initial research into Leeds. Same caveat as above.
Leeds & Dortmund bomb damage

||| Acknowledgements |||
A number of people and organisations have helped with support & realisation of the project to date. Thanks to Andy Balcombe, Sarah Bowers, Harold Gannett, David Gilbert, John Fieldsend, Derek Hales, Wilfried Hou Je Bek, Nicola Hutcheson, Harriet Walsh, Abby Dix, Debra Klomp, Kada's Cafe, Rob Lycett, Kevin Morrison, Pavilion, The Royal Armouries, The Second World War Experience Centre, Rebecca Shatwell, Professor Gerhard Sollbach. Hope I haven't forgotten anybody.
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