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All content on the Monocular Times site is by default CopyLeft.

What does this mean? Those folks at subvertise offer this definition:
CopyLeft means copyright except for non-profit making initiatives/organizations where it is used to positively portray what it set out to do. If you are not sure what it originally set out to do you must ask its creator. This means that you can use the (graphics, article etc.) If you are not making money out or it and do not have the intention of doing go. If you are you must get permission from the creator to use it. This is a slightly reduced form of anti-copyright.
Some material on Monocular Times will be Anti-Copyright. Definition again courtesy of
Anti-Copyright means use freely for whatever you want, and comes from the perspective that copyright should not exist at all or that there is no need to copyright the information/image as you wish it to be distributed freely and reused.
Other material retains conventional Copyright, denoted by ©.

Individual contributors can assign Copyright or Anti-Copyright status to anything they want to publish on Monocular Times. We are not going to push anybody in any particular direction, though we do urge people to consider their choice carefully.

Copyright law is being extended to virtual space in many insidious ways that threaten, rather than protect, the communications potential of the new medium. Its ostensible aim, to protect the sovereign rights of individuals with regard to their work, is too often being rewritten to enclose individual creativity within a paternalistic corporate agenda. There's a horrible whiff of "It's good for you, swallow it" about the whole corporate copyright assertion game.

Principles such as CopyLeft and Anti-Copyright seek to protect the digital commons, and free flow of information it engenders, against corporate encroachment. Used wisely, and alongside traditional copyright where appropriate, these systems encourage discourse, fair dispersal, sharing and cooperation at an individual level, rather than allowing the rules of the game to be dictated by large homogenous organisations whose only real concern is with making money. So think carefully folks.

Any comments, email the usual address:


A few useful sources of information:

Anti-copyright Now!
Copy rights?
Design Science Licence
Musicians Against Copyrighting Of Samples
Negativland on intellectual property issues
Open Source Intelligence
One Eye To The Future

who ||| what ||| why ||| where
is the Organism?

||| who |||
Organism is a loose collective of concrete personalities, pseudonyms, shared names, hidden talents and fluctuating identities.
personnel include GTM, johnny ostrich, d.konstrukt, RTM, harry gannett, graeme murrell.
you may be invited to join.

||| what |||
Monocular Times is an expressive space for the Organism to pursue its explorations.
recognising that space is plastic and therefore mutable, the Organism seeks to influence, manipulate, restructure and rethink.

||| why |||
situationism, futurism, dadaism, neoism, fluxus, postmodernism, posthumanism... andmoreagain.
extension of the Organism into new space, exploration of virtual prosthesis, reclamation of digital commons, playtime.

||| where |||
physical location is the north of England.
virtual others are code clusters, inhabit spaces and data bodies, digital (super?)highways and shopping malls.
under constant surveillance.
it is impossible to comprehend the full extent of yr self beyond yr flesh.
you are not in control anymore.

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Ostrich Eye
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the many moods of The Organism