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whose fault is it?
Anselm Jappe

This time, all the commentators agree : the financial markets are not experiencing just a bit of transient turbulence. We really are in a crisis which is likely to prove the worst since World War II, or even 1929. But whose fault is it, and how do we find a way out ?

letter to dr zion evrony, israeli ambassador to ireland
Justin Morahan

Dear Ambassador Dr. Zion Evrony,
Further to my telephone call to your office this morning I wish to reiterate some of the points which I made in the conversation with your secretary, and to elaborate on them a little further.

the sad and sordid whereabouts of bin cheney and bin bush
Michael Moore

What Does a 99-cent Bic Lighter Tell Us About the Bush War on Terrorism?

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Happy War

Miltary clown
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