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||| ten tips on how to live in the "new world

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1. WATCH LOTS OF TELEVISION. Television pleasantly induces mental stupor, telling you all you need to know. If it wasn’t on the nightly news, then it definitely isn’t true.

2 AVOID TALKING ABOUT RELIGION OR POLITICS. No matter how innocuous your speech may be, it could be misinterpreted and recorded in your Government Personal Thought Dossier.

3. DEBATE TOPICS PROMOTED BY NWO-SPONSORED MEDIA. Example: Discuss the pros and cons of government under Labor or Liberal (or Democrat/Republican or Tory/Labor) while ignoring real issues like the economy and sovereignty already sold out to foreign interests by self-serving politicians doing the bidding of powerful transnational corporations.

4. PARTICIPATE IN NWO-SPONSORED ‘FEEL GOOD’ PROGRAMS. There’s disasters all over the world and you seem hopeless to do anything about it: Why not partake in NWO-sanctioned programs like Walk for Want or 40 Hour Famine and even buy an Amnesty International Sticker for your car, while the agents of the NWO wreak havoc in parts of the world you’ve hardly ever heard of.

5. WORK, EAT, ENTERTAIN, AND SEEK MEDICAL HELP AT NWO-SPONSORED OUTLETS. Always buy NWO-manufactured grocery items preferably from large supermarkets. Growing your own veges or purchasing organically grown produce affects the profit margins of NWO corporations. Safely entertain yourself by religiously viewing sports events, mindless TV shows/movies, as well as trivia and illusion-filled books and magazines. Listen to any type of mind-numbing music spewed forth by the corporations of the NWO. If you get sick, refrain from ‘alternative’ cures or therapy, and always seek medical help at NWO-sponsored hospitals or clinics and take whatever medicines and drugs you are given.

6. READ, HEAR AND WATCH NWO-MANDATED MEDIA. Exploring ‘alternative’ media might result in dangerous thought crimes against the NWO authorities. Disregard any ideas or reports not originating with NWO media as ‘conspiracy theory.’

7. MEMORISE THE OPINIONS OF NWO LEADERS AND TELEVISION NEWS REPORTERS. Reiterate them as if they were your own during all social and business conversations.

8. HYPOCRISY IS THE SAFEST POLICY. And affiliations with State-approved religious organisations are permitted, and may be rich fields for business contacts.

9. WATCH OTHERS AND MAKE SURE THEY DO THE SAME AS YOU. Keep an eye on neighbours, friends and family to ascertain they are obeying the law. Always call the NWO authorities if you suspect any wrongdoing. Participate in dob-in programs. If ever confronted by someone who questions NWO policies, it’s best to convince them ignorance is bliss. If the case is serious, immediately seek help from NWO psychiatrists.

10. WILLINGLY AND HAPPILY participate in all NWO school indoctrination programs. Realise the honour associated with being a breeder and caretaker of the next generation to SERVE THE MASTERS in the NEW WORLD ORDER.

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Happy War

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