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The Leeds-Dortmund Project
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Psychogeographical mapping of coincidence in Leeds and Dortmund. Drifting through superimposed narratives of two cities at once. The Leeds-Dortmund Project

||| Leeds Walk, 8th december 2002: Press Release |||
Leeds Walk, 8 December 2002Leeds Walk, 8th December 2002

The first Superimposed City Tour is due to take place in Leeds. Details are contained in this press release from Pavilion.

If you would like to join the walk, please contact Pavilion. Tel: 0113 243 1749. email:

Pavilion press release header


Superimposed City Tours: The Leeds - Dortmund Project
an experiment in creative urban walking

Walk: Sunday 8 December, 1pm
Meeting point: Leeds Railway Station (outside Coopers bar)

For more information or to book a place for the walk please contact Pavilion on 0113 243 1749 or email Places are limited. To avoid disappointment please book in advance.

Superimposed City Tours: The Leeds - Dortmund Project is a project by Huddersfield based artist Graeme Murrell commissioned by Pavilion, a Leeds based new media arts organisation.

The artist has researched historical and present day comparisons between the twinned cities of Leeds and Dortmund. In particular he has focused on the urban geography of both cities during the Second World War, a time when the architecture and populace of both cities was radically changed. The artist has researched both cities to locate areas of specific significance, through photographs, written/spoken testimony and major architectural changes.

For this project, which will include a website, guided walk and future exhibition, Graeme has superimposed the maps of both cities in order to locate areas of mutual physical and psychological disruption. This process has revealed points of significance that overlap. For the artist this has formed 'nodes, in what is effectively a third, virtual space, which is a composite of the two real spaces'.

This 'virtual' space of overlap between the two cities will be the location for a unique guided walk, led by the artist. The walk will explore the shared environments of Leeds and Dortmund, by visiting significant locations in Leeds City Centre and by visiting Dortmund via a series of 360 degree panoramas on a laptop computer. The walk invites participants to navigate the fictional third city and to observe the effects of superimposed geographical setting on the mood and behaviour of the group.

This event is an experiment in Unitary Urbanism: "the combined use of art and technology leading to the integrated construction of an environment dynamically linked to behavioural experiments." * Be prepared. Pack personal baggage carefully.

* Definitions, Internationale Situationniste #1, 1958

Graeme Murrell's professional background is in digital media, writing, collage art, and music. He has recently graduated from the University of Huddersfield with a 1st Class degree in BA (Hons) Multimedia Design. He established and developed the website Monocular Times (, which has received over 100,000 visits in its first 9 months, and has recently set up IPBA, the Institute for the Preservation of Bad Art.

Pavilion is a Leeds-based arts organisation, which works with artists on a range of projects exploring the creative uses of new media.

For more information please contact Rebecca Shatwell at Pavilion on 0113 243 1749 or email

Pavilion press release footer


This event is supported by Pavilion and The Royal Armouries.
Particular thanks to Rebecca Shatwell for helping to organise & publicise this event.

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