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Michael James


Because Tony Blair considers himself courageous enough to send other men into a killing zone to fight and die for him, I surmise that he at least has the guts to take me on in a bare-knuckle fist fight.

That is why I have written and dispatched (today, 13 September) both a personal letter to Tony Blair and an open letter to seven London newspapers in which I invoke the ancient English custom of "Impugning Honour With An Offer Of Redress."

The text below is self explanatory.

You never know. He may pick up the gauntlet.

Open Letter To Tony Blair In Which I Impugn His Honour And Challenge Him To Defend His Manhood From Charges of Cowardice By Engaging Me In A Bare-Knuckle Fist Fight

Gentlemen of the press, my fellow citizens,

I hereby give public notice that I, Michael James, a 42 year-old British subject-citizen of sound mind and judgement, resident in the Republic of Germany, invoke the gentlemanly tradition of impugning honour with an offer of redress, and do thereby formally challenge one TONY BLAIR, a prime minister, to defend his honour and test the courage of his own convictions in regard to his advocacy of violence to settle arguments with other countries by engaging me in a bare-knuckle fist fight at a time and venue to be agreed mutually, according to the rules of ancient custom.

I openly and publicly IMPUGN THE HONOUR of TONY BLAIR by charging that he is:

A COWARD who manipulates other men to do his fighting for him

A COWARD who enjoins other men to do violence yet is himself a conniving, effeminate poltroon

A COWARD and a hypocrite who claims to follow the way of Jesus Christ, yet seeks, in direct violation of the laws of God and the teachings of Christ, to kill other men and to steal their land and natural resources

A COWARD and a moral weakling who is susceptible to the influence of deranged and intellectually retarded superiors

A COWARD and a traitor who is willing to betray his fellow countrymen in satisfying the vanities of his own nefarious ego

A COWARD who lies to procure wars for oil and geopolitical advantage

A COWARD who sanctioned war crimes in the former Yugoslav Republic by authorizing the Royal Air Force to unleash cancer-causing uranium-depleted bombs on soldiers, women and children

A COWARD who played an executive role in the massacre of over 400 prisoners of war at Nazar-i-Sharif, during which 40-60 unarmed men were tortured and shot in the back of the head by his SAS operatives and allied CIA agents

A COWARD who is fully complicit in obtaining the deaths of half a million Iraqi children by sabotaging the distribution of life-saving medicines to treat diseases caused by British and American blockades and uranium-depleted bombs, and who deceives the world by contriving to lay the blame for that tragedy on the sovereign leader of that self-same sovereign nation

I, Michael James, give reasonable notice that, unless TONY BLAIR takes up, WITHIN 28 DAYS as from 15 September 2002, my challenge to a bare-knuckle fist fight in which he has occasion to defend his honour and his manhood against the aforementioned charges, all good citizens of sound mind should consider him to have FULLY-ACCEPTED those CHARGES OF COWARDICE.

Yours Sincerely,

Michael James.
13 September 2002.

Ober-Erlenbacher-Strasse 30
61381 Friedrichsdorf
Republic of Germany
Tel. 0049 (0)6007 930115

Challenge To Blair's Honor Seconded

Statement Of Secondment Issued By One Scott Alexander Cowie Pursuant To Impugning The Honour Of Tony Blair With An Offer Of Redress

I, Scott Alexander Cowie of the Clan Fraser, being a resident of British Columbia, Canada, forty-one years of age and of sound mind and body, do hereby declare that I will indeed stand as the Second of Michael James, in a charge of COWARDICE against one Anthony Blair, Prime Minister of England.

This piece also appears on the experiment and Rense.com, the 'World's Most Revealing News Service '.

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the experiment is an excellent site, with alternative news, free software and MP3s, as well as a number of ongoing experiments, like Michael Kaufmann's Sites of Temporarily Invested Interest.

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