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Urban Bicyclist Front

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=Critical Mass_ (kri'ti-kal m`as): the spontaneous riding with other bicyclegods (aka:HPV) at any time of the day for mutual riding protection as well as camaraderie, friendship and social well-being.

-follow basic courtesies and roadlaw:
o use hand signals always
o ride side-by-side on a multi-lane street
o ride single file on simple two-way streets
o don't let the bastards drive you down
=Car Free Areas_ (karr-frei' air-i'ahz): zones where cars have been effectively prevented from entering in order to create safe areas for pedestrians and lospeed transport.

=Pedestrianism_ (pe`op-le f'ir's-t): the pro-human social outlook that holds the pedestrian to be the center of the urban sphere. Hir is the reason for the city, and this is of whom the city ought always be conscious through parks, car-free zones* ; safe hospitable areas for lospeed interactions between beings.

=Revolution_ (r`ev-o-loo-shun): the number of times a bicycle wheel rotates down a city street

=Exurbia_ (aka Edge City, subSuburbia, sprawl, outta control, psychick death zones): that newly expanded, resurfaced and subsubcontracted housing areas that aren't really *near* anything, except the hiway. These are evidence of continued flight from the urban zones by the almost affluent. Requiring a car as they usually have no sidewalks, the exurban neighborhood is a psychological battlefield that pits "neighbor" against "neighbor" in noncommunication assaults, assumptive competition and hyperreal conspicuous consumerism. A word to the wise: do not go there except with the most profound sense of caprice and beatitude

=HPV_ (ay¼CH_ pee- ve¼): Human Powered Volk

=Hir_ (hy-r): neutral-gender, third person possessive pronoun. e.g. 'his' 'her' or åtheir'

=Bicycle_ : revolutionary tool

=Slogans_ (slow`guhns): useful reminder tools that, when done properly, will help to inspire others in recognizing bicycles as a robust and varied form of transportation. also 'sloguns' (ala m. and/e. was) example. 'bike for your life' 'two wheels good, four wheels bad' 'we're not blocking traffic, we ARE traffic' 'no tickets, free parking' or 'ride strong'

=Soft Revolt_ (sof' r`e-volt): the concept and behavior that follows a non-confrontational creative stance of insurrection through the developing of necessary technologies, alternate routings, mentalities and defensive riding techniques that help to bring about an exponential revolution (see: revolution)

=The Nod_ (th` nod): signal used to communicate streetwise with other bicycled and wheeled beings (or selves). helps to create a moment of bicyclevel consciousness, purer communication presupposed on bicykle gnoledge. helps create unity among multiple wheeled selves. See also `Belling`

=Belling_ (dingg`ding-g): the use of extrasomatic audio signals to indicate recognition of other bicycle selves on the roadspace. Signals can vary, and neither of these two terms should be seen as åabsolute¼ or a constraint on communication forms

=Gender_ (g-en'der): an assumption that bodytype difference somehow equates difference in capability or respect. this definition also applies to any other differencing tool such as 'race' 'culture' 'religion' 'nation' or 'species'. Status: wholly false cultural myth, you may disbelieve

=Speed Table_ (slo¼ d`ah-wn): a traffic calming device one car-length in width and from curb to curb that raises a car briefly to pedestrian level. like a speed bump, only not as sharp a jolt. this extends the right-of-way for human travel forms, reducing it for non-human travel

=rebicyclinement_ (re-bi`ci`cli`ne-mnt): the (recaptured) (rediscovered)(redesignated) re/use of urban space for efficient, un-impeded velo and pedo travel. Areas such as alleys, parking lots, and other currently auto dominated spheres shall be transformed through the aforementioned goals of the urban bicyclism:
1. To promote bicyclism whenever and wherever possible.
2. To promote and increase repedestrianage of urban areas.
i.e. Shift from ex/urban wreakscapes to ped-urban landscapes

=Traffic_ (tra`fik-): a 'rock' band that played during the 1960s and 70s involving Stevie Winwood, Dave Mason, Jim Capaldi, and Chris Wood. They developed some crucial tracks. Worth listening to. *****

=Podding_ (th¼y r`Yu): (aka Chell¼ing, c-hell, s-hell, kof kof, rush hour, nolyf) Mass movement through condensed and expanded areas of human and non-human habitation by travel modes which alienate/seperate/and divide the traveler and those who inhabit the aforementioned space, through the ab/use of speed

Habitat II Global Plan of Action

        Paragraph 147
         ``Non-motorized transport is a major mode of mobility, particularly for low income, vunerable and disadvantaged groups. One structural measure to counteract the socio-economic marginalization of these groups is to foster their mobiility by promoting affordable, efficient and energy saving modes of transport.'' i.e. the bicycle.

1997.06.01.5:32:23.01 +06:00GMT

UBF Lansing Cell
Red Cedar Bicyclism Collective
(and Free Bike Shop)
Marten Pines
Nicht Randome
Bicycle Nomad
! note this is an anticopyright- hackable document duplicate this document add to it as much as you like you may claim this doc as your own ride! ride on & ride alive! ride together ride strong ride long ride!
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* The term `car free areas` is actually highly redundant because a bicyclist vision presupposes the concept of åbeing free of cars¼ by repositioning transportation norms toward bicycle use and the regard of cars as anchors and an imposition on one`s true freedom.


This piece appears on the Bicyclism website, which describes itself as "an attempt at a non-formal theoretical approach to bicycles." The original includes a section called 'See Also' which contains 3 hyperlinks, but all are now dead so the section has been removed.
Image taken from www.subvertise.org

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