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It also happens, that if you move along that city's compact walls, when you least expect it, you see a crack open and a different city appear.

Then, an instant later, it has already vanished.

Perhaps everything lies in knowing what words to speak, what actions to perform, and in what order and rhythm; or perhaps someone's gaze, answer, gesture is enough; it is enough for someone to do something for the sheer pleasure of doing it, and for her pleasure to become the pleasure of others: at that moment all spaces change, all heights, distance; the city is transfigured, becomes crystalline, transparent as a dragonfly's wings.

But everything must happen as if by chance, without attaching too much importance to it, without insisting that you are performing a decisive operation, remembering clearly that at any moment the old city will return and solder its ceiling of concrete, neon, and smog over all heads.

This piece taken from Harbinger #3, a free newspaper-size propaganda tabloid produced and distributed by CrimethInc. Ex-Workers Collective. Harbinger is the main publishing project of the collective, but their website is also a great resource. Probably best to let CrimethInc dscribe themselves in their own eloquent words - from back page of Harbinger #3:

CrimethInc is the first stirrings of a new world, smuggled across every border in the heads and hearts of a dissident nation of millions, thrown through plate glass windows on note4s tied to bricks. It is everything that evades control - the stolen sick-day at the seahore, the shared meal free when the manager is away, the city street liberated for an hour during a demonstration... the proud look in her eyes when she walks into the principal's office holding her girlfriend's hand.

CrimethInc. is the underground railroad from this world to the next. Hop on.

Middlesbrough Institue of Modern Art

Middlesbrough Institue of Modern Art
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